Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Liberty Shirt, Part I

I traced off the Liberty Shirt pattern this morning. I really like to trace off with swedish tracing paper. I know there are less expensive things out there (a lot of people use exam table paper that you can buy at medical supply stores) but I like the feel of swedish tracing paper. It's soft and drapes nicely. You can fold it to put back into an envelope or drape it over a hanger -- I just think it's more tactile than other things. I use a mechanical pencil and find the soft pencil on the fabric of the tracing paper is more soothing than using a crinkly or stiff paper.

As a very recent convert to rotary cutters, I still go back and forth between cutting with my rotary cutter and plain old scissors. And, I still prefer pins in many instances to magnets -- some habits die very slow deaths! Although I did convert a long time ago to fine, glass-head pins, I do need to buy some flat flower head pins so I can lay my ruler down flat when I'm tracing and cutting. When I bought my first cutting mat, I was told to buy the largest one I could afford and I can't emphasize enough what a good idea that is. I thought I had bought a large one, but it is a lot smaller than my cutting table, so I need to check all the time before I use my rotary cutter to make certain I am on the mat. One of these days, I'll replace it, but there are so many other choices to make with sewing dollars that one is never sure what to get next!

I'm using an orange/pink cross dye that I've made another top out of recently. I love the color and they'll be worn in different seasons -- I do want to find some really funky buttons.

And....low and behold.....I'm sewing this on my new Viking Designer SE! So excited! Lastly, for today, I was just on the Greenberg & Hammer website to look at some things and was so happy to see how much work they've done on their site -- very nice! As my son would say -- eye candy.

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