Monday, March 28, 2011

Superb 'How To' Book

For those of you who love handbags, as I do, there is a superb reference book, The Bag Making Bible, by Lisa Lam. (Lisa also has a blog called U-Handbag). In her book, Lisa covers everything from choosing fabric and interfacings, to inserting zippers, snaps, and locks. Each chapter features a different bag, but additionally goes into great detail on subjects such as how to construct any kind of handle, pocket (who knew there were so many kinds!), gusset, grommet or snap.

There are so many sewing books out there that it's sometimes hard to know which ones have value for us at our particular skill level. This one is truly a gem. I can't think of any application that has been overlooked.

I've also ordered from Lisa's shop and the quality and turn around time was excellent.

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  1. I ordered this book shortly after it came out as the reviews were similar to yours. I have yet to crack it open, though!