Monday, June 6, 2011


Almost midnight, and still awake. Ah, well.

I've been busy - not necessarily accomplishing anything...just busy. Carolyn and I spent a week at the Husqvarna Viking Convention in Reno. From Monday until Friday, I saw no daylight, other than glimpses from my room in the morning and again at the end of day. I can't imagine living like that; a cavernous hole of a hotel with slot machines, restaurants, bars, and no vistas. How sad. The immediate view from my room on all four sides was parking lots. But, if you looked up, you were rewarded with the majesty of the Sierras, topped in snow, and looking different every time you saw them as they moved in and out of mists and clouds. Truly beautiful in an otherwise rather desolate landscape.

It was my first sewing machine convention and my feelings are mixed. I'm not an embroiderer, though we saw some lavish designs that I could imagine incorporating into my work. I'm not a quilter, or necessarily a crafter. I sew. I like patterns. I like cloth. Shape and structure intrigue me. But, I'm becoming bogged down in presser feet, yarn couching and stabilizer. Is this progress, or did I get lost? I'm not sure. I just know I haven't created anything in several weeks and I'm feeling it.


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  1. You make such beautiful things...I'm sure you have not lost your way.