Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lacy Scarf - No Knitting

 I actually do know how to knit, but I was intrigued with this process.  I have many skeins of ribbon, eyelash, and other sparkly yarns that belonged to my sister.  I get tired of some of the standard scarves made up in these materials, so I decided to try something different - a process I've seen written up in a few magazines.  

I cut one yard of a tacky water soluble stabilizer (I used Aqua Magic Plus).  I cut many, many strands of yarn in 44 inch lengths and laid them on the stabilizer with 6 inches hanging over the stabilizer on each end for fringe.  You can use your imagination here and put them down in any order.  When you're satisfied with your arrangement, place another water soluble stabilizer on top (this one does not need to be tacky).

I then did free motion stitching throughout the entire scarf, making sure that I was close enough so it held together, but not so close that it was rigid.  I then soaked the scarf in cold water to get out the stabilizer and voila!

Easy, pretty, lacy, different!



  1. I love doing fiber art type projects. Your scarf is delicious!

  2. Oh, Fran, what a lovely scarf. Sometimes the more simple the process, the more lovely the result. I think it must look great on you with your coloring!

  3. What a gorgeous scarf, in such yummy colours! And such an interesting construction technique.