Saturday, April 14, 2012


I've been away from blogging for several weeks and my plan is to go back three weeks and catch up with what everyone has been doing!  Work has been busy, Passover came and went, and my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  She started five weeks of radiation this past Monday.  Her spirits are great, but she is exhausted.  She turned 87 last Sunday and her prognosis is very, very good.  Prayers welcome!

I did get to the Worcester Sew and Quilt Expo this week and took 3 classes with Cynthia Guffey.  What a wonderful experience.  I guess some of you have come across Cynthia over the years.  She is a gracious lady and a designer of beautiful patterns, books and DVDs.  She is all about precision and details and a believer in good old fashion touches like hand basting before sewing and tailor tacks.  We studied beautiful seam finishes that incorporated wrapped outside seams, piping, fabric insertions between seams.  I loved her techniques and I loved her approach.  Her garments are classic, yet edgy.  If you haven't looked into any of her classes or seminars, I would say treat yourself.  It will be worth it.  I came home inspired!



  1. All the best to your mother!

  2. First, I'm glad that your mother is doing well! I'm sure you are very relieved about that. Second, I took classes from Cynthia Guffey at the Worcester Expo about 10 years ago and it changed my sewing life. So i totally get what you mean about how the workshops affected you.

  3. Hi Fran, How good to hear from you. I'm sorry for your mom's illness and I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. The Cynthia Guffey classes sound marvelous. I am attending a workshop in June (not CG) and am looking forward to being re-energized by those around me.

  4. Hello, I was at the Expo and do remember you from Cynthia's class :)
    I took every one of her classes and was so impressed with her.....
    She is a very talented lady and so inspiring.
    Take care, Ann