Friday, June 1, 2012

Finished Jacket

My first Cynthia Guffey jacket is finished.  I have to say, I did enjoy working on it.  It was not a quick project, but it  was not difficult either.  It involved a lot of steps and a lot of handsewing, but I enjoyed the process and I like the result.

A couple of things I may do differently.  I think it would look lovely in a material with a better drape.  I don't mind a boxy shape, so this doesn't bother me a lot, but I do think it would look better with a softer fabric.  This is a one size fits most and I made it up exactly as is.  There are multiple lines for alteration and I think that next time I may shorten the distance between the shoulder and the dropped shoulder seam.  I think the seam is a bit low in the back.  I also think that I could have eliminated some fabric in the back by taking it in about an inch or so.

I love the detail in the band.  It closes easily and looks nice both open and closed.  

 The lining is put in entirely by hand with small whipstitches.  I've shown some detail below.

I will definitely make this again for the fall in a wool or knit.