Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Little Home Decorating

 We have been in a new condo for 2 months now after 28 years in the same house.  So, I have really been 'gone missing.'  And, I haven't been sewing clothing, my first love.

But one of the reasons we chose our new home was the huge, bright space for my sewing.  I'll share some photos of that later.  But, that same space has a sitting area that I needed some extra pieces for.  Luckily, I find it difficult to part with things.  This green chair started out as ivory corduroy 35 years ago and was the first good piece of furniture we purchased when we were married.  It was later reupholstered in the fabric shown here which definitely didn't match.
I am lucky enough to live within an hour of a Crate and Barrel Outlet and they sell Marimeko fabric for $5.99 a yard which is a real bargain!  This may not have been my first choice for a print, but it works. And, slipcovering is not my favorite activity.  It is very hard on the hands and things don't fall quite as neatly into place as a beautifully drafted pattern, but sometimes it's a necessary evil! The pillow is done with an embroidery from Hatched in Africa called African Jewels and it is finished with some interesting trims that are very rough and reinforce the sort of 'jungle' look.