Monday, February 8, 2010

Project Completed

The last time I posted anything about my jacket, or even about sewing was November 21. Since then life has simply gotten in the way. First some room remodeling which rendered my sewing space unusable. Then personal things cropped up which made sewing seem irrelevant.

Last week I went into my sewing room for the first time in many weeks and didn't think I had the heart to finish the jacket. But when I tried to move on to something else, I realized that my slightly compulsive nature wouldn't let me start something new while something else sat unfinished. Besides, finishing something long abandoned sort of makes you feel you have some control over your life.

So, here is the jacket -- lining installed -- buttons on. I still have to tack the lining in some spots -- I hate those details!! I'm fairly happy with it since it involved drafting lining pieces which I only did one other time and which Connie Long and Sandra Betzina were a great help with. I also bagged a lining for the first time -- again with help from both of the above.

I have enough cloth to make a matching skirt which I may do. I also have to think about a dress for my niece's wedding on May 1. I bought the cloth months ago (below) and am determined to find an OOP Vogue Pattern (7361) so if anyone out there has any leads on this one, give a holler.


  1. Lovely jacket Fran, I am glad you persevered and completed it. Good luck on finding Vogue 7361. I did a Google search to see what it looked like and did not turn up any for sale.

  2. You did a great job! Your jacket is beautiful.

  3. You must be glad that you finished that gorgeous jacket! It would have been a shame for it to be doomed, left and not worn. It is beautiful!

  4. So glad you finished your jacket it looks wonderful!

  5. I just love that jacket - it turned out beautifully!
    I know what you mean about things in your personal life interfering with your sewing. Sewing can be quite therapeutic, though. I use it for relaxation and to get my mind off of things - it is sort-of my version of the Calgon of old.