Saturday, May 8, 2010

Various and Sundry

I've had a busy week and so have had no time to sew, but I did manage to squeeze in some reading and also some prep work so that I can sew next week. First, to the reading. I have been wanting this book for a while now. I have to tell you, it reads like a novel -- I love it! It is so well written. The first chapter is devoted to shirting fabrics -- what the various kinds are, where to buy them, how to prepare them for cutting and sewing, how to iron them. You can tell David Page Coffin loves his shirts and his fabric -- it just oozes through the pages. It is really a treat. He goes on to a chapter on tools, followed by construction, sewing and so on. He even goes into detail on how to cut with a rotary cutter, how to choose mats for cutting, his penchant for cotton embroidery thread for his shirts as well as plain bleached muslin for interfacing for collars and cuffs.

There is no detail too small and yet it is so readable that he makes even constructing the finest custom shirt seem doable. Have I said how much I love this book?? Definitely, a must have!

My next project is pocketbooks -- I've been wanting to make this for a while now. I'm making the small tote in the upper left hand corner and am going to make it in silk dupioni as shown in the picture.

I'm using the two fabrics in the first photo -- the plaid and solid black. All of the remnants are from a wonderful store in Hudson, MA called Artee Fabrics and Home. It is really custom home decorating fabric, but they have a large section that is remnants and they have a huge selection of silk remnants, both solid and striped. I am kicking myself for not picking up more. My camera isn't doing justice to the green stripe and the nutmeg is showing as more gray than brown. I will definitely be stopping back soon for more if these handbags make up nicely. I cut out my pattern pieces -- 34 pieces -- egad! Hope to sew next week.

And last amid my various and sundry. My kids have been out of the house for several years now and both of their bedrooms still looked as if they paid homage to them. I finally bit the bullet and made one of them my sewing room, with a futon for when my son stays over. I am so thrilled -- I have my ironing board, sewing machine, cutting table, bookcase, cubbies for notions,fabric closet, computer, place to sit and read and, of course, no sewing room is complete without G-d and two of his guards watching over you. My 30 year old son must be cringing that I have not only framed, but put on my blog his young art work!

The only thing that didn't fit into this room is my serger which lives in my daughter's room. No excuse not to sew!


  1. Sounds like some very positive energy going on here! I remember making shirts years ago, I loved red checked gingham fabrics then and made shirts for myself and my sons. Maybe I'll go back to sewing when I retire next year. You are an inspiration.:)

  2. Oh, that bag pattern is so cute. How lucky to have picked up such beautiful remnants!