Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I've Been Doing

Well, tomorrow is the big day -- first day of school! Wish me luck!

I am missing sewing clothes, but have been busy with accessories. I've committed to our Temple Craft Fair in December so am trying to build up a stash of silk accessories. I've finished about 15 eye glass cases to add to the jewelry rolls shown in previous posts. I've been experimenting with lots of different color combinations and stitches -- I especially like the candlewick stitches.

I'm now concentrating on handbags -- large and small -- example one is below. I didn't use a pattern, but rather let the fabric dictate what I did. It's a pale sea-foam moire with a black dupioni lining. I ended up doing a machine candlewick day lily in black thread on the front with a glass button center. The outside has an open pocket in the back and the inside has a 9 " wide zipped pocket. Handles are webbing.

I also found a wonderful, wonderful new place to spend my money! I love buttons and couldn't leave the ones below in the store. Sigh. Even with all of these, I cannot wait to go back and buy more. I'll use some on clothes, but many will go onto embroidered handbags as flower centers or abstract designs. The pictures really don't do them justice. They are vintage and they are well documented as to decade and material.

On a sad note, daughter Sarah's wonderful little hedgehog, Mrs. Tiggywinkle, left this world on Sunday. She had been sick for several months and Sarah took such good care of her. I saw her on Friday and fed her lots and lots of freeze dried mealy worms, so her last days were happy....

Saw the Richard Avedon exhibit at the MFA on Friday as well -- gorgeous fashion pictures!

I wish you all a New Year of Peace, Health, and Contentment.


  1. You have been busy. Love your projects.

  2. Those itmes look like things that would sell well. Good luck with that. Love your buttons!