“Whether or not God has kissed your brow, you still have to work. Without learning and preparation, you won’t know how to harness the power of that kiss.”

Twyla Tharp

Monday, May 2, 2011

One Day Top - honestly!

While there is something very satisfying about slow and detailed sewing where you can incorporate many skills and couture details, sometimes you just need some clothes!

I needed some quick 'something to throw on over jeans' to start spring and I came across a pattern company that I hadn't seen before. At the Worcester Sew and Quilt Expo, I saw CNT Patterns and they had a number of quick and stylish pieces that I wanted to try. The one shown here is called "A Little Somethin' jacket" and is quick and easy. I did it in batik and was happy with the result.

The pattern includes a shorter version as well, with a shorter sleeve. It's cut generously and falls nicely and it would look different in each fabric, especially if you use your imagination in your embellishments.

The only construction technique I wasn't thrilled with was where you sew across the shoulder and then pivot across the neckline and to the other shoulder. I've seen if often, even in Vogue, when putting on a shawl collar, but I find it a bit tricky as you are actually cutting into your cloth to make a seam as opposed to matching seams. It did come out well, but only after I did it a second time.

It doesn't call for a button, but I found a wonderful glass button in the exact colors of the fabric, so I had to use it. It's a bit heavy for the fabric, so I have secured it with extra fabric on the underside. I thought a traditional buttonhole would be a bit boring, so I made 3 tubes by cutting 3 strips of one inch fabric, sewing and turning to form tubes, and then braiding them into a loop. I left the ends loose and hand-stitched it to the jacket.

Easy way to add a few quick every day pieces when you need to run out, but would like to look pulled together. Found matching red shoes -- way cool!


  1. What a terrific jacket to throw on when you need a "little something". Perfect for cool days or in air-conditioning. Love the color. It looks wonderful with your hair.

  2. That's a lovely batik and wonderful light jacket. I made a note of your closure technique-thanks!