Monday, July 4, 2011

Finished on the Fourth

I have to tell you, I definitely have mixed feelings about this pattern. As I mentioned in my last post, the seams are 3/8" so really the only thing you can do, outside of Hong Kong finish is serging them, which I did. I didn't want to do the Hong Kong for such a casual shirt.

Also, a small shoulder facing was built into the placket, but there was no back facing to attach it to. The entire collar (inner and outer) was simply sewn to the top of the blouse and the instructions called for the serged collar bottom to be sewn down between the shoulder seams of the blouse. I honestly couldn't live with such an amateur finish, so I laid a piece of binding over it and stitched it at the top and bottom. Since there was nothing then for the ends of the shoulder facing to attach to, they needed to be tacked down.

I like the shirt, mostly because I like the fabric, and I like the mix of horizontal and vertical stripe. I also used vintage enamel buttons which the shirt didn't deserve and which will come off when the shirt is no longer being used. I thought the 3 piece sleeve was a little uncomfortable, and the sleeves are quite tight, which is a cool look, but I think many people would struggle with fit, even in the lower arm, and mine are pretty thin. Finally, it pulls a bit, and yet it isn't too small -- in fact I think there is a bit of excess fabric just beside the shoulder blades.

My feeling is, if I'm going to sew, I'm going to have beautiful seams and corners, a la Sewing Workshop or Cutting Lines. I don't want to spend time and money to have something that is finished in a way I could have found at a discount store. It seemed a lot of work for something that I feel 'meh' about.

So, all in all, I'm not excited about working with these patterns again. If I do, I'll know to take their drafting into consideration and redo some things when I'm cutting the pattern. But, there are so many other great patterns out there, that it seems on shouldn't have to do that. But then, nothing is lost -- everything is a learning experience. On to something new.


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  1. I too love your fabric choice. The colors are great and your play with the stripes is quite striking. Nice work! I do agree with you about messing with a pattern that is just not drafted for good construction. I have not worked with a Silhouette pattern, but I do love Sewing Workshop and Cutting lines, in part due to the cool styling, but in part due to the finishing details.