Friday, October 14, 2011

Jacket Finished - Jury Still Out

 The strange fabric jacket is finished.  There's lots I like about it.  The fabric was both very stretchy and the shiny dots were a little like plastic.  I really was afraid to press this much.  I did press my seams open, but with a press cloth and the tip of the iron.  The little dots also interfered with getting a really good seam, especially at the shoulder, since they were 'crunchier' than the body of the fabric and tended to stand out.  And, I didn't want to melt them with too much pressing.  The fabric was also a bit heavy which helps the drape.

The jacket and lining are constructed, sans sleeves.  The lining and jacket sleeves are then joined at the cuff, the seamline at the top of the lining sleeve is turned in and basted, the fabric sleeve is attached to the jacket, and the lining sleeve is then pulled over and slipstitched.

It's a very easy jacket and has potential for other options, such as making it as a vest, shortening the panels in the front, etc.  All in all, I like the pattern.  The pattern in this fabric?  I'll definitely wear it.  My son, who is a die hard vintage Brooks Brothers adherent, would say 'shiny' which would be his way of saying, if you can't say something nice......


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  1. Oh, it turned out well! I like it and think the fit is really nice. Don't listen to your son :-)