Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nine Lives Vest

 I have fallen so far behind in posting and in reading all of your posts!  I caught up a bit this morning and hope to stay on track now.  After the wedding, things geared up for fall and then  for the holidays both at home and at work.  But, I have vowed to get back to what I love. 

My latest is a very simple pattern called Nine Lives Vest from Shapes, by Louise Cutting and Linda Lee.  It is an unlined vest/blouse that I've seen made up as a summer shirt.  I liked the idea of it as a vest for the winter months and made it up in a black faille-like fabric.  I love the way the collar stands -- I think it's flattering and I also like the asymetrical shape with one side slightly longer than the other.   There is a slight capped sleeve and, though it is shown with multiple buttons, I chose to do one large one in the center.  The seams are bound with a black and brown brocade. 


It makes a great foil for the scarves I've been making -- the first in silk dupioni with odd 'shapes' attached at the bottom and the second from some vintage kimono fabric with a band of black on black silk at either end.

Easy and versatile -- has the structure I love!



  1. Very modern and elegant ... love the buttons, brooch, binding and scarf - any chance of a flat photo of the creative shapes on your scarf??? I too like the collars that sit up the neck a little way and don't gape open...very eye catching jacket!!!

  2. Wow I really like your vest. I made that pattern as a summer top. This makes me want to revisit it.

  3. I must get this pattern-your vest and scarves are so gorgeous.

  4. This is a really lovely little jacket; I love your version! Looks great with just the single button.

  5. Fran, this is a great piece and I'm betting it looks fabulous with your coloring. I have this made up as a summer top. I like your vest better than my summer top. Nice work!

  6. Catching up reading blog posts as well Fran. So glad I stopped into see what you've been up to. You did a great job on this and I agree that it's such a versatile pattern (reminds me that I should make another since it takes so little fabric).

    I like styling and layering it like you have! Love the button and finishing and all your design elements.