“Whether or not God has kissed your brow, you still have to work. Without learning and preparation, you won’t know how to harness the power of that kiss.”

Twyla Tharp

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Jacket In Progress

This is a jacket pattern I picked up at the Worcester Expo.  It's by Cynthia Guffey, and what you see here is a work in progress.  It still has a lower section that needs to be added.  Additionally, there is an inset band with slots that a fabric belt is worked through.  The instructions look complete, but intimidating, so as you can see, I chose to do this instead!

I've had the fabric for a long time and it seems to be a linen/cotton mix.  It is also a cross weave as it is predominantly light pink/mauve, but with taupe fibers in it.  Cynthia makes most of her jackets in hand woven raw silk and she interfaces each piece in addition to lining them.  I followed her example and am interfacing my pieces with wonderful Pro Sheer Elegance from Pam at Off The Cuff.  I'm going to hold off judgement until I'm finished, but I am thinking that I would like this better in a softer fabric -- maybe a boucle that will drape better.  I do like the way the pattern is drafted so that, even though it is a drop sleeve, there is a definitely a little bit of shaping built in at the shoulder so it falls nicely.

The pattern is a 'one size can be altered for most' and alteration lines are clearly marked.  Next time, I think that I may shorten the distance from the shoulder to the dropped shoulder seam by just a bit, but again I'll wait until it's all finished to see.  I'm top-stitching most seams as I go along in a light brown thread.  I'm putting two strands of thread through the needle and stitching at 4.0. 

I don't have a lot of free time this weekend and am trying to take this one slow, but I hope to finish it within the week.  By the way, the scarf is an unexpected match -- it's a piece of obi silk that I purchased on e-bay.  I have simply done a zig zag stitch on the grain and pulled fibers to create a short fringe.  Have a great weekend!