“Whether or not God has kissed your brow, you still have to work. Without learning and preparation, you won’t know how to harness the power of that kiss.”

Twyla Tharp

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Bit of Fabric Manipulation

 Scarves made from Japanese obi silk and silk dupioni.  For the dark grey dupioni, I wanted to recreate the lovely organic lines of the branches so I randomly pleated the fabric in multiple directions, crossing each other on occasion and then crushing them a bit with iron.  I've always loved the look and feel of fabric manipulation so I am pleased with the result.



  1. Those scarves are very beautiful! What lovely textiles.

  2. Those are pretty. And fun to make. I like to fuss around with fabric, too.

  3. I followed Rhonda's link here, and so glad I found you! I see a lot of reading time in my near future looking through your creations! :)