Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Dress By Marci Tilton

It is hot in New England!  I think almost every day in July has been well over 90 degrees which is very unusual for New Hampshire.  And, I really needed clothes that can withstand the heat. (I feel like I am always sewing in the wrong season and that I need to learn to sew ahead.  It may be time to abandon summer sewing and think about that Fall wardrobe!) I've seen several reviews of Vogue 8876 by Marci Tilton and decided to give it a try with some lemon/lime cotton embossed with white threaded designs.  Most of the reviews I read said that it ran very large so I made a size 10 right out of the envelope and was happy with the result.  This is one or two sizes smaller than I would normally cut. 

It has some nice visual interest with a curvy front panel, inverted pleats in the front, pockets, box pleat in the back, a very wide band at the hem, and a stand up collar.  HMM - busy!  It was easy to put together and you can't ask for anything cooler.  It's nice and fitted through the shoulders and bust so you don't look too matronly and yet it stands away from your body on those days when you just can't stand to have any fabric too close. The collar calls for a ribbon to be threaded through it to gather it up a bit, but I just haven't found something I like yet.  I may just opt to make a fabric tie and call it done. As I look at the pictures, it appears to me as if the back is skewed, but don't be put off, I've pulled to box pleat off the the sides with my hands in the pockets.  For those who are not as short as I am (5' 2") you may want to be careful of the length.  I did not adjust the length at all and it came to my knee.  This is very unusual for me.  Normally, I would have to adjust the length by at least a couple of inches. 


I've not abandoned my dress for my DD's shower.  My pima cotton came in for the underlining but I really thought it was not quite fine enough and opted instead for batiste.  I hope to get it cut out today.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vogue 8665 Sweet Summer Dress

Oh, nothing is more unflattering than muslin!  I just made up Vogue  8665 as a muslin for a quick summer dress.  I like the lines, though when I saw the muslin, I am thinking that it looks better if you are that tall and thin!  But I am plunging forward.

I don't like where the princess seams sit, I think they need to be further apart, so I added 1/2 inch to the center piece (am adding it where it is cut on the fold so I don't disturb the lines of the dress) and am much happier.  If it seems like it needs to be nipped in I can do it at the side seam.

Adding the 1/2 inch through off the neckline just a bit and I was happy with the neckline so I am taking up the shoulder/sleeve seam just a 1/4 inch on each side.  Losing that 1/2 inch on the small cap sleeve also tightened it up so it didn't resemble 'wings' which I don't like.  I am making it up in this very light cotton from Sawyerbrook.  The picture doesn't quite show the pretty turquoise color along with the gray and white.  It is too light to be solo so I have ordered white pima cotton and am still trying to decide whether to line it or underline it.  Because there are 6 vertical seams, I thinking underlining might work better?

I'm on hold until my white fabric arrives.  Fingers crossed.  If it comes out well, it will be for DD's bridal shower in August.  I've not done a lot of sewing for myself lately so I'm a bit skittish.  I also tend to avoid fitted things and go for a boxier look but I'm trying to be more versatile!