Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bright Red and Leather Tote

Although I have more bag patterns that one can proverbially 'shake a stick at' I was still intrigued by Anna Graham's (Noodlehead) book Handmade Style.  This book is lovely to look at and very well written.  I especially like the bag below which isn't available on her website, only in the book.  I thought it was the perfect project for some red canvas and brown sueded leather that I had.

One of the things I like about Anna's bags is her use of rivets and other metal pieces which, I think, really adds a professional look to a bag. And, I am really into using light weight leathers and suedes these days which, again, I think adds a lot.  If you are looking for smaller pieces of leather, there is a wonderful company called Brettuns Village located in Lewiston, Maine.  It is primarily mail order and is only open to the public from 10 - 2 on the first Thursday of every month.  But they have lots of small and large pieces of leather in various colors.  And, since it's unlikely that many will be lucky enough to make the trip up there, they are very helpful in answering any of your questions or making a recommendation if you tell them what size and what project you are looking for a piece of leather for. 

 The space between the rivets is open and great for a cell phone, sun glasses, pen or other necessities one needs to reach quickly.  I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for to use as straps so I ended up with brown webbing which I stitched red grograin ribbon onto.  


Below is just a quick zip make up case to throw into the bag!



  1. Fran - these are great pieces. I'm going to have to check out that book. I have a small piece of beautiful black leather I'd love to use. Have to be brave though!

  2. +1 to hardware. Another friend loves the Noodlehead patterns. Your bags are great!