Thursday, August 27, 2015

Louise Cutting's Artist In Motion

 I've been keeping an Inspiration Board on Pinterest to try to get a handle on the kind of styles that I am drawn to so I can incorporate them into my sewing. I really like this look - sort of represents how I'd like to dress on a casual day -- a little boho chic.  So, I am in search of the right pattern to  duplicate it.

My first attempt was with Louise Cutting's Artist in Motion pattern.  It has a vest and shirt - the vest is one size fits all and has a lot of the angles and loose fit that I am looking for. It looked as if would be shorter than I wanted so I  added an inch to the back and front - unusual since I am only about 5'3".   I didn't want to take the time to make a real muslin so went straight to some fabric that's been in my closet for a very long time.  It's very lightweight, almost lawn and has a floral pattern that is sheer in places.

I'm relatively happy for a first round.  It would look much better with a collared shirt and the right jewelry, but I  do like the fit and and the draping..  I think it has a lot of potential - the sides are open with a button at the top, but I can see then closed as well.  I can also see the front and back pieces cut up and seam allowances added to give the effect of the picture above.  The neck and armholes/sides have self made bias binding.  The edges have nice mitered corners, so typical of Louise Cutting's impeccable designs.  I'm anxious to continue to play with this one but am excited with its possibilities. 


  1. Definitely like the additional length. It looks great on you.

  2. Fran you knocked it outta the park! the color and pattern on the fabric work so prettily with this look, and the neckline is so flattering. Enjoy!

  3. Your vest looks great. I have the pattern but have not made it. I have seen it modeled at the sewing expo's and at Louise's booth. I was surprised you had to add to the length.

  4. This is really cute, and I like it paired with the tee. I also like the example you featured showing it with the collar. I was able to attend a workshop last year with Louise Cutting-what a wonderful presentation! She is tall, and stately-many of her designs work perfectly with her physique. I have made 2 of her patterns and needed to make lots of petite adjustments. I love her work. Again, your vest is terrific.