Saturday, August 1, 2009

Liberty Shirt, Part 2

I finished the Liberty Shirt today and really loved both the process and the finished product. This Sewing Workshop pattern is constructed with such precision and such attention to detail that the inside looks as good as the outside. The instructions made me think more than once -- in fact when doing the mitered corner I did it completely wrong the first time and had to start over paying more attention to the drawing. I think the pattern challenged me to slow down and enjoy the process, taking the time to make every detail count. It's such a simple design but I think it's charm comes in really nailing the details of the corners, top stitching, angles, etc.

I interfaced the collar, which was optional, but did not interface the front and back facings. I wondered at the end if I should have since the weave is a bit light and my buttonholes may have been sturdier had they been interfaced. I did stabilize them with tear-away stabilizer and I think I'll be fine. Since I'm not very tall, I did shorten the sleeve by one inch after tracing off the pattern. I really like my shirts/jackets more bracelet length, so when I make it again I may take off even another quarter inch.

The finished product is the kind of casual, but funky design that you'd expect to see at a high end boutique. And, the pattern lends itself to other things such as a light wool or corduroy for Fall or a shirting for every day wear. If I were doing it in shirting for every day, I would eliminate the vent in the sleeve sew to the end so the sleeve can be rolled up easily.

Can't wait to start another, but need to work on my nephews throw pillows before I indulge.

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  1. Fran, this is such an attractive shirt...and such a flattering color!